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Journal Journal of Pipeline Science and Engineering

Aim & Scope

The Journal of Pipeline Science and Engineering aims to provide an essential medium for communication and dissemination of new ideas, original researches and technology innovation in the general area of energy pipelines transporting oil, natural gas and non-conventional fossil fuels (e.g., heavy oil, diluted bitumen, shale oil, shale gas and oil sands slurry), as well as hydrogen, carbon dioxide and biofuels. The journal covers a wide spectrum of pipeline sectors, including gathering, transmission and distribution pipeline systems. The research topics include, but not limited to, pipeline design and construction; planning and routing; operation and automation; SCADA (supervisory control and data acquisition) system; instrumentation and control; pumps and compressors; flow assurance; materials and welding; steel metallurgy; internal and external corrosion; alternating current (AC) and direct current (DC) interference; coatings and cathodic protection; inhibitors and biocides; stress corrosion cracking; fatigue and delayed hydrogen cracking; pipe-soil interaction; civil and geotechnical issues; defect assessment; solid mechanics; numerical modelling; in-line inspection; direct assessment; hydrotesting; pipeline integrity management; risk assessment and management; environmental conservation; pipeline economics. Full-length research articles, critical review and short communications are accepted. Generally, the review articles are invitation-based. [1]

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