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Journal Resources, Environment and Sustainability

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Resources, Environment and Sustainability is a peer-reviewed transdisciplinary journal aiming at publishing high-quality original research from a broad range of natural, social and engineering fields. The publications emphasize sustainable resource utilization, associated environmental stresses, and potential solutions to achieve resource and environmental sustainability. Previous explorations of pathways to maximize resource utilization efficiency and minimize environmental impacts have been greatly constrained within isolated disciplines, which calls for novel integration across natural, social and technological systems. Understanding the mechanism and inspiring society to sustain future generations with finite natural resources and limited environmental capacity are the overarching goals of this journal. Resources, Environment and Sustainability will cover topics including, but not limited to: Sustainable agriculture and food security; Design for environment; Sustainable production and cleaner production; Circular economy and material cycling; Life cycle assessment; Sustainable development and sustainability; Sustainable consumption. In addition to publishing original research and analyses, Resources, Environment and Sustainability will publish Comment, Reviews, Perspectives, News & Views, Features and Correspondence from across the full range of disciplines concerned with sustainable resource supply and environmental sustainability. Our major mission is to bridge the gap between academia across disciplines and policy making by facilitating a combinatorial and cross-disciplinary platform that works towards strategic approaches to conserve natural resources and the environment. [1]

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P Chen , X Hong , W Lo

Resources, Environment and Sustainability
2023 - VOLUME 13

p 100130.
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Guillaume Cabanac

2023 - VOLUME 2023, ISSUE 8

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