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Journal Wiley Interdisciplinary Reviews - Mechanisms of Disease

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In identifying and understanding the perturbations and genetic mutations associated with the development and progression of disease, biomedical research elucidates cellular processes and advances more effective approaches to treatment. Mechanistic research into the complex pathways, interactions, genetics, environmental factors, and engineering affecting cells and tissues is invaluable for developing novel techniques, experimental strategies, and clinical interventions for both prophylaxis and therapeutics. WIREs Mechanisms of Disease has a strong interdisciplinary focus and serves as an encyclopedic reference for mechanistic biology and translational research. The articles discuss insights on research related to cancer, cardiovascular diseases, congenital diseases, immune system diseases, infectious diseases, metabolic diseases, neurological diseases, and reproductive system diseases. The topical coverage for each disease area of WIREs Mechanisms of Disease includes: genetics/genomics/epigenetics, molecular and cellular physiology, stem cells and development, environmental factors, biomedical engineering, and computational models [1]

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Continuations / Journal History
(  2012  -  2021  ) Wiley Interdisciplinary Reviews - Developmental Biology (  2021  -  9999  ) Wiley Interdisciplinary Reviews - Mechanisms of Disease
(  2009  -  2020  ) Wiley Interdisciplinary Reviews - Systems Biology and Medicine (  2021  -  9999  ) Wiley Interdisciplinary Reviews - Mechanisms of Disease
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