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Journal Cognitive Computation and Systems

Aim & Scope

Cognitive Computation and Systems, a fully Gold Open Access journal, aims to attract original theoretical and experimental papers on the study of cognition systems. The journal acts as a forum for research in neurosciences, psychology, robotics, control science and computer science by integrating cognitive theoretical models and physical systems across different disciplines. The scope of Cognitive Computation and Systems covers cognitive mechanism discovery, the understanding of cognitive phenomena, cognitive model construction, cognitive algorithm design, cognitive systems development and cognitive computation assessment. New contributions of practical cognitive theories and algorithms being used for real-world physical systems are highly encouraged. Cognitive Computation and Systems will also occasionally publish special issues devoted to a relevant research area that has recently seen rapid progression and promises new approaches and outcomes across different disciplines. The journal covers several multi-disciplinary topics, including: Architecture of application-oriented cognitive computation; Visual cognitive processing; Auditory cognitive processing; Haptic cognitive processing; Multi-modal information interaction and fusion; Cognitive learning; Cognitive robotics; Applications of cognitive computation; Prototype development of cognitive systems. [1]

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