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Journal Journal of Oil and Gas Technology

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Journal of Petroleum and Gas is an international Chinese journal focusing on the latest developments in the field of oil and gas . It mainly publishes creative papers and commentary articles on the latest research progress in the fields of oil and gas geology, petroleum geophysical prospecting and logging, oil and gas field development engineering, and drilling engineering. . This journal supports ideological and academic innovation, advocates science, and prospers academics, and integrates academic and ideological aspects. It aims to provide scientists, scholars, and researchers around the world with a dissemination, sharing and discussion of different directions in the field of oil and gas. An exchange platform for issues and developments. The manuscripts submitted by the authors must be in Chinese, but they need to have more detailed English titles, abstracts and keywords. These manuscripts will undergo strict and fair peer review. The editor will give the author a reply within one month after receiving the review results. . The accepted manuscripts will first be uploaded to the electronic journal, and then will be published in high quality by Hans Publishing House. Once the paper is published, we will send you a sample publication as soon as possible. Manuscript papers or review articles are related but not limited to the following areas: Oil and gas geology; Petroleum Geophysical Prospecting and Logging; Oil and gas field development project; Drilling engineering. [1]

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2024 - VOLUME 46, ISSUE 2
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Isothermal Adsorption Mathematical Model of Deep Shale Gas

葵 蒋

Journal of Oil and Gas Technology , 2024 - VOLUME 46, ISSUE 2 , pp 135-140.


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