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Journal Journal of Laboratory Medicine

Aim & Scope

The Journal of Laboratory Medicine (JLM) is an Open Access journal, which is issued bi-monthly.It reports on the latest developments in laboratory medicine. Particular focus is placed on the diagnostic aspects of the clinical laboratory, although technical, regulatory, and educational topics are equally covered. The Journal specializes in the publication of high-standard, competent and timely review articles on clinical, methodological and pathogenic aspects of modern laboratory diagnostics. These reviews are critically reviewed by expert reviewers and JLM’s Associate Editors who are specialists in the various subdisciplines of laboratory medicine. In addition, JLM publishes original research articles, case reports, point/counterpoint articles and letters to the editor, all of which are peer reviewed by at least two experts in the field. JLM publishes only English-language articles. Topics: Allergy and Autoimmunity; Biobanking; Clinical Chemistry and Metabolism; Drug Monitoring and Toxicology; Endocrinology; Extra-Analytics; Geriatric Laboratory; Hematology; Hemostasisiology; Infectiology and Microbiology; Inflammation and Sepsis; Informatics in Laboratory Medicine; Laboratory Management; Molecular-Genetic and Cytogenetic Diagnostics; Neurology Laboratory; Oncological Diagnostics/Liquid Proiling; Pediatric Laboratory; Point-of-Care-Testing; Proteomics and Metabolomics. [1]

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