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Journal of Dairy, Veterinary & Animal Research (JDVAR) aims to represent and publish quality content on dairy and animal science. This journal covers a very wide range of areas and we welcome submissions from researchers and scientists at all levels and from all over the world. JDVAR aspires articles related to dairy technology, veterinary pathology, animal genetics & breeding, animal nutrition, veterinary demography, cattle management practices and skills, food process equipment, etc. we welcome research, reviews, commentaries, short communications and opinions in the particular fields. Topics include: Introduction to Dairy Technology; Milk Processing; Dairy Product Technology; Food Process Equipment; Dairy Processes and Equipment; International Legislation and Quality Management; Cheese Technology; Microbiology of Fermented Food and Beverages; Dairy Microbiology; Animal Genetics & Breeding; Animal Nutrition; Animal Production & Management; Veterinary extension education; Veterinary Anatomy and Histology; Veterinary Anatomic Pathology; Veterinary Gynecology & Obstetrics; Veterinary Microbiology; Veterinary Parasitology; Veterinary Pathology; Veterinary Pharmacology & Toxicology; Veterinary Physiology; Animal Psychology & Behavior; Veterinary Surgery & Radiology; Animal Husbandry; Veterinary Medicine; Public Health & Hygiene; Wildlife Studies; Livestock Production & Management; Veterinary Diseases; Animal Breeding and Reproduction; Veterinary Virology; Domestic animal anatomy; Training and behavior of domestic animals; Meat; dairy and poultry products; Cattle management practices and skills; Dairy cattle selection and judging; Biotechnology; Dairy equipment sales; Research; Feed and pesticide sales; Dairy marketing; Domestic animal physiological reproduction; Livestock and livestock carcass evaluation; Lactation; Applied agricultural economics; Care for companion animals; Basic meat science; Nutrition and health in animals; Cattle genetics; Genetics and breeding; Dairy management; Food microbiology; Dairy-related infectious diseases; Metabolic studies; Immunology; Veterinary demography; Animal health economics. [1]

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2024 - VOLUME 13, ISSUE 1
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Advancements in epidural anesthesia for small animals: a comprehensive literature review

No authors listed.

Journal of Dairy, Veterinary and Animal Research (JDVAR) , 2024 - VOLUME 13, ISSUE 1 , pp 1-10.


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A case report of association between canine iatrogenic hyperadrenocorticism and hypothyroidism

No authors listed.

Journal of Dairy, Veterinary and Animal Research (JDVAR) , 2024 - VOLUME 13, ISSUE 1 , pp 12-14.


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Computation of comfort indices for livestock in central Punjab

No authors listed.

Journal of Dairy, Veterinary and Animal Research (JDVAR) , 2024 - VOLUME 13, ISSUE 1 , pp 20-25.


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