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Journal SSM - Mental Health

Aim & Scope

SSM-Mental Health publishes scientific advances related to mental, neurological, and substance use disorders, as well as psychosocial wellbeing and resilience, broadly construed. Substantively, the journal focuses on the same subject areas we currently feature in Social Science & Medicine and SSM-Population Health, except that its principal focus is on interdisciplinary research on mental health, and how people experience and recover from mental illness in diverse contexts. The modes of inquiry encompass scientific fields that have traditionally focused on mental health, such as anthropology, sociology, psychology, psychiatry, epidemiology, implementation science, population health science, and public health. The journal also publishes boundary-crossing advances that integrate and connect with diverse disciplines that may not be found in disciplinary journals. In general, submitted manuscripts should include well-validated indicators of mental health or psychopathology or methods to adapt or develop such tools. Intervention research should clearly articulate cultural and contextual adaptation. Our coverage includes studies that are within the scope of the parent SSM journal as well as other topics including, but not limited to, the following: Interdisciplinary methods and theory will be prioritized, pushing boundaries within and between thinking about mental health, healing, illness, and disease; Research on social determinants of mental health and disparities in mental health ranging from conceptual frameworks to methods and implementation; Mixed-methods research that brings together multiple ways of understanding and evaluating mental health, including emic definitions, clinical classification, diagnosis, and assessment; Methodological notes, e.g. instrument and intervention adaptation and development; Well-designed replication studies conducted in novel settings, cultural context, or populations; Formative development of novel mental health interventions, adaptation of interventions, and implementation science studies of existing interventions; Psychiatric epidemiology within novel settings; Research and theorizing on, and careful philosophical or historical analyses of, specific clinical symptoms, syndromes, and classification systems; Research on precursors and risk factors for mental illness or protective factors and resources that promote eudaimonia, via modes of flourishing, resilience, and well-being. [1]

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